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We are the California Federation of College Republicans. In early 2019, a group of college students saw the need for change in the Republican movement in California and took it upon themselves to usher in a new era of leadership. At the California Republican Party Spring Organizing Convention, College Republican leaders from twenty two different schools across California united to start a new statewide organization for College Republicans. CFCR was formed in order to pave the way for the future of our party, state, and nation. CFCR is a network for College Republican chapters across the state---coordinating statewide events, deploying students to targeted campaigns, engaging in meaningful activism, and bringing College Republicans from around California to work together towards our common goals. CFCR exists to empower, strengthen, and grow individual chapters, so that Republican voices are heard on every college campus in California. We are chartered with the College Republican National Committee and the California Republican Party

Who We Are



Governing Documents

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Governing Document

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